Cinderella Solution Review – Is It A Scam By Carly Donovan?

cinderella solution

About the Cinderella Solution

This is a diet program that focuses on women. Developed by Carly Donovan, a well-known individual in the weight loss world, it offers all the necessary solutions to lose weight.
This program is a 28-day weight-loss regime. To make it easier to follow, Carly divides it into two separate phases. Each phase lasts about 14 days. Users are able to record their performances and results easily due to this.

The program features a number of combinations of food that combine to provide weight loss. Many of the choices may seem odd at first, but their results will certainly leave one speechless.

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Who Has Created This Program?

As stated above, the creator of this program is Carly Donovan. With over 10 years of experience in this field, Carly sought to create a renewed manner of weight loss. It is clear that the so-called techniques of dieting and losing weight are simply not cutting it. Instead, the world requires a new and improved methodology.

From her research, studies and personal experiences, Carly has designed a solution that can work for all women. She believes that women are often under-represented when it comes to weight loss. Most methodologies are either neutral or focused solely on men. With the Cinderella Solution, she hopes to change this.

This program thus offers women a very universal and renewed approach. Carly visited many countries across the world in her search. She visited Japan, Spain and other such countries. Her discoveries were quite interesting. Essentially, she found out that:

  • Other countries in the world do not suffer from obesity nearly as much as the US does
  • Carly concluded that this is because they knew a secret weight shredding technique that the US does not
  • Thus, she developed this program to bring this new secret into a widespread market
    According to Carly, it is how we combine foods with one another that lead to weight loss.

But that’s not all, as she has also included a workout plan. Carly realizes that many are able to partake in hard workouts. As a result, they are merely complements to the overall course.

How Does Cinderella Solution Diet Program Work?

This program is divided into two separate phases for easier use. These are as follows:

  • Ignite Phase

This is the first phase of the program. It lasts 14 days. Users are to use 3 meals every day during the length of this phase. 3 meals a day is the norm for many people, thus it should not be difficult at all. The meals used in this are chosen by Carly herself. They are hand-picked to provide every source of nutrition that one may need. Additionally, the taste and flavor is also deeply considered. Overall, this phase helps to begin one’s fat burning process.

  • Launch Phase

The Launch Phase is the next part of the program. Here, one can begin eating as much as 4 meals a day. While this might seem too much at first, remember, the meals are hand-picked. Thus they are not the usual fat-filled and greasy meals people are use to. By following these techniques, one can shred up to 80 pounds in a small period. Carly Donovan, the creator of this program herself lost her weight this way.

cinderella solution

Features and Price of the Cinderella Solution Program

Users receive the main manual when they purchase this program. But alongside that, there are numerous bonuses included. These are listed below:

Cinderella Solution Main Manual – This is the core manual of this system. It teaches the major details that users will want to know. Everything is explained in detail to allow for no uncertainty.

Quick Start Guide – The Quick Start guide acts as the summary of the whole program. It is primarily aimed towards people who like to keep things concise. This is a great way to start, but not exactly the full detailed experience.

Cinderella University Book – This guidebook that gives information on the main causes of obesity and weight gain.

Movement Sequencing Guide – This acts as an additional workout regime for users. The workouts are very easy to do and do not require expensive equipment.

Bonus Daily Nutritional Blueprint – This is yet another bonus material. It teaches Carly’s personal journey through her weight loss.

Even with all these features, this guidebook is available for very cheap. It costs just about $37, despite all the free bonuses. Many are getting their copy today just because of this.

Benefits of Trying Out This Program

This program excels in positions where many others fail. It provides users with a unique and improved way of losing weight. For those still unsure, the following are some of the key benefits of this program:

This program is made by a renowned professional expert. Carly Donovan has years of experience guiding her every decision. As a result, this program is able to cater to ever single intricacy that may arise. Additionally, as Carly herself has lost way this way, it is quite a tested method.

This program is highly affordable. Compare it to others in the market that cost hundreds and provide little value. This program comes with a manual and a bunch of extra goodies. All at the cost of $0. This is what makes it such an amazing option.

It is simple to follow. Users often find it difficult to stick with weight loss programs. This is primarily because most are just too difficult. To avoid this pitfall, Carly offers a simplified and easy solution.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

This program is catered towards women in particular, and is unique and powerful. There is no reason not to try it out. It offers a great deal of information, and does so in an easy accessible manner. Thus, anyone can lose weight with ease. Payments are done through a secure transaction, adding even more reliability to the overall package. For more information, visit their official website. It has other details and intricacies.

cinderella solution

cinderella solution