Patriot Pure Water Pitcher Review – Read This Before Buying!

Patriot Pure Water Pitcher Review

With the recent influx of insecticides, pesticides and other countless substances that are constantly being drained onto our tap water, trusting it as drinkable source of water is a grave mistake.

There is no saying the difficulties and harmful ailments one can encounter if they choose to drink right out of their tap. While people often think that the solution is quite complex and expensive, and as a result do not even attempt to resolve it, the truth is that, the answer is indeed quite simple.

Through a mere water filter, you can protect yourself and all those around you from the difficulties and hardships of ingesting impure water and the repercussions and consequences that follow. One water filter that seems to be rising in popularity is Patriot Pure Water Pitcher.

What Is Patriot Pure Water Pitcher?

Our health is one component that should be undeniably important to all of us. Without it, we risk our very existence on this planet, and thus, important steps much always be taken to ensure our wellbeing and that of those around us.

Patriot Pure Water Pitcher attempts to do this exactly. The product warns you about the dangerous toxins in our tap water, and states that if immediate action is not taken, one could be exposing themselves to horrendous consequences.

While this might sound a bit outwardly to some people, the truth is that the ramifications though not immediately apparent, are actually present and can seriously affect your life if taken over a prolonged period, and in some cases, even in small amounts.

Thus, Patriot Pure Water Pitcher is a water filter that attempts to filter the water that you are provided with, however while that sounds simplistic, its additional features and filtering of harmful substances is what allows it stand further ahead of its competitors.

What Can Patriot Pure Water Pitcher Filter?

  • Heavy Metals

There is a massive amount of toxic heavy metals in water including lead, arsenic and mercury, they that are damaging to the human body, and if present in it in excessive amounts can lead to life-long perils and ailments that can even threaten your life itself.

  • Pharmaceuticals

The sheer volume of different pharmaceuticals one consumes on a regular basis has increased at a massive and alarming rate just in the last decade, and thus while this by itself is a cause of concern, the true difficulty from this arises when we look into how these pharmaceuticals are disposed off.

They pass them into the water supply through our waste, current water treatment practices doesn’t effectively remove them, meaning that the water you consider to be safe for consumption is actually riddled with unknown and incurable substances.

If this isn’t alarming, then nothing will be.

  • Chemicals

A plethora of chemicals are present in water, they are added for a varying amount of reasons, and while some are removed, some get left behind as a result of poor management or some other faults. The ones that are left make their way into your glass through your faucet.

One element that is incredibly hard to filter too, are pesticides. Agricultural processes use these all the time, and they are often not removed properly from the water.

The end result is a more polluted, damaged and overall undrinkable water condition that can cause a plethora of harmful effects to one’s body.

  • Microbes

Microbes can range from bacteria, to different sorts of viruses, parasites and so on. It shouldn’t be a surprise that ingesting these even on a small scale will cause you to go sick, and can even require the investment of a lot of funds to regain your health.

The only viable way of removing this risk and ensuring that there is no problem with the water you are consuming is through the utilization of a filter process like Patriot Pure Water Pitcher.

  • Fluoride

While fluoride is purposely added to the water as a way to empower one’s teeth and a few other minor benefits, the truth is that research has been conducted and it increasingly indicates that it is not as safe as most like to think it is.

Who Can Utilize Patriot Pure Water Pitcher?

While the different sorts of impurities mentioned above may seem like a lot, the truth is that there are a lot more. In fact, all of the following can be found in our drinking water.

  • Aluminum
  • Asbestos
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Nitrates
  • Mercury
  • Radium
  • Selenium
  • Uranium

These impurities are ever present in the water we believe is safe to drink, and thus, our very life is at risk because of the fact that we do not take immediate and effective action when needed, it is thus, absolutely imperative to focus on fixing this issue.

Patriot Pure Water Pitcher is, as such, a great recommendation for just about anyone. The great benefits it provides and the wide range of impurities it resolves are just too good to pass up and should be fixed as soon as possible.

How to Judge a Water Filter For Its Ability?


Cost Performance Installation Filter Life
The first and foremost aspect of deciding to buy any product is obviously looking at its cost. If it is relatively affordable and cheap, then it is a great purchase, especially when looking at its functionality. The amount removed by a filter is yet another aspect to determine its usability. All filters have different amounts removed, so looking into the one that works best for you is recommended greatly. Not all filters come without any prior installation, in fact, some can even be quite complex that require the assistance of a professional, and thus it is imperative to understand which ones you are buying. Filters don’t work till eternity, in fact many will stop functioning properly within a couple of years, however some can last for more, thus understanding the lifespan of a filter is a great way to find out about its pros and cons.


Patriot Pure Water Pitcher offers a good mix of all these qualities, ensuring that the person is provided with safe and reliable drinking water, and isn’t deprived of any needed essentials and otherwise important aspects.

The water we consume is undoubtedly the most imperative nourishment that our body can receive.
Even 70% of our body itself is made up of water, and thus denying our body of this necessity will undoubtedly lead to a plethora of unfixable difficulties in the future, and thus every measure must be taken to ensure that the water you drink is pure and safe for consumption from every possible aspect.

What Are the Pros of Patriot Pure Water Pitcher?

Large capacity to hold water and reduce the toxins in it. While other similar products basically do the same thing, the ability of Patriot Pure Water Pitcher to do these at such a grand scale is what really allows it to stand out from the crowd.

Removes a plethora of toxins and other substances that many other products miss, making it one of the most flexible and best functioning products out there. While it still doesn’t make things 100% clear, it can go to a point where the chances of a sickness are reduced.

The design is compact and incredibly well thought out. It can become a part of any fridge or other component in your kitchen or washing area. Installation is fairly simple and straight forward, with not much difficulty or hassles as some other water filters do have.

Water will become incredibly safe to consume, and the added knowledge of knowing what you drink is completely safe will perhaps even make it test all the more better.
More affordable and lasts longer than many other filters out there, and is thus highly recommended for people who want to purchase the product once and be done with it instead of wasting thousands on the same thing.

Conclusion on Patriot Pure Water Pitcher

Water, is undoubtedly imperative for our survival. Without it, it is simply impossible to even imagine trying to survive on this planet, and thus ensuring that it remains safe and perfected is a step that every human must take.

The usage of wrong taps in our homes can cause the decline of our health and damage us in ways we cannot even predict, and thus it is vital to implement a system like that of Patriot Pure Water Pitcher in our houses to make sure there is no problems that may occur in the future.

If you’ve never researched the contents of our water supply, you will undoubtedly be quite awe-struck to find out that through its research the Environmental Working Group has discovered there are over 300 pollutants in Americans drinking water.

Nearly half of these are not even removed and thus Patriot Pure Water Pitcher is here to ensure that the water you drink is clean and safe from the impurities that can shorten your lifespan by a great amount.

It is thus recommended for all. To find out more information as well as pricing ,visit their official website.