Patriot Vital4 Review – Does It Really Work?

Patriot Vital4

While everyone might like to believe that they are a diet expert, the truth is that the American diet is missing some of the most essential requirements that are needed by the body. This is in the form of 4 immensely needed nutrients that we simply do no intake in our daily lives.

Whether this is the work of some massive corporate scheme to reduce the healthiness of people all around the world, or it is just a mishap that has changed the very course of our lives remains to be seen, however, the one thing that is clear is that without these nutrients we not only become much unhealthy, but also easily fall victim to the ailments listed below:

  • Weakness of heart
  • Memory fog and mental issues
  • Feeling old and without energy
  • Balancing issues
  • Bones hurting

However, this is not all. In fact, there is much more that people suffer from every day of their lives simply because they had no idea that they needed to get those essential nutrients to function properly. That being said, now it is possible to get exactly those nutrients through a supplement that could fundamentally change everything. This is called the Patriot Vital4.

What Is the Patriot Vital4?

This is a new supplement that aims to provide people a vital health necessity which has become missing from today’s diets and health plans. These nutrients are essentially needed by the human body, however over the decades they have become lost and are simply not in taken in the amounts that are needed. That is until today. For now, Patriot Vital4 can provide people all of the assistance they may need to not only gain these nutrients but also do so in a manner that ensures that the rest of their body remains healthy and perfected.

The most shocking factor is, even with a a strict diet plan and in-taking capsules regularly, there’s a chance that you’re still not getting any of these 4 nutrients. After an intricate research about all these nutrients, the ultimate result was the Patriot Vital4.

How Does Patriot Vital4 Work?

The basic gist of this supplement is to make sure that the four essential nutrients that the human body is being declined is given to them and that they do not suffer from the various issues that have been listed above.

The major thing to look into is that these ailments that are listed above are simply not the only thing that may be resulting in one’s health decline, instead there is much more that is working behind the scenes and as such it is vital to make sure that the nutrients are taken in proper amounts.

More information on these nutrients is mentioned below.

What Are the Nutrients That Patriot Vital4 Provides?

The nutrients that Patriot Vital4 provides have been listed below:

  • Choline:

This is the basic necessity and requirement of a fast working and quick processing brain. It is a nutrient that is absolutely essential for the proper functioning and working of the brain. Primarily the brain needs this for two major reasons, one is to sharpen the memory, and the other is to make sure that it functions quickly and with speed.

Age related memory loss reduces the production of certain chemicals in your brain, and when they are reduced in number, it causes the brain a multitude of issues.

As a result, the amount of choline produced in the body goes down, and one begins to suffer from a lot of mental problems and memory related issues. That being said it is quite needed for better mental health.

Low levels of choline can also affect your muscles and liver. In fact, the most common sign of choline deficiency is too much fat in your liver.

  • Coenzyme Q10:

American soldiers often suffered from memory related issues during their work assignments. As a result, they used this new and intriguing nutrient that quite rapidly changed the manner in which their thinking abilities worked.

Other than that, CoQ10 also helps with heart health, greatly assists brain health and memory while also generally being a much needed mineral by the body.

  • Magnesium:

Needed immensely by the body, and provides a lot of major benefits. While being common in the body, it is just enough, and as a result, it is needed even more than the body already has. This supplement is the perfect way of doing that.

  • Vitamin D:

Many studies indicate how vital Vitamin D is for our body. It helps beating the loss of bone strength and it increases muscle strength, while also making sure that one is safe against aches and pains, and much more.

But quite unluckily it is harder to get vitamin D since it is naturally occurring in very few foods such as salmon, beef liver, cod oil, egg yolk, mackerel and cheese. But it’s not enough to keep the proper level up.

Now it’s proven that supplementation is one of most effectives ways to boost vitamin D levels in anyone’s system.

Benefits of Using This Supplement

  • Natural

Doesn’t utilize any kind of addictive materials or things that might cause long-term issues or major problems. That being said, one can make sure that this is one of the most natural and herbal treatments for major problems out there.

  • Affordable and Comes with Bonuses

The secondary ways of reducing the ailments that have been mentioned before are not only more expensive but also can take up a lot of one’s time. That being said, this is a more affordable option that many people can look into. The bonuses are also quite worth the price. They have been mentioned below:

  • 1 Free Bottle of Patriot Vital4 with any first time purchase. This means one can even get a multitude of different packages and get a major saving.
  • Free shipping and handling, which is something a lot of people do not give. If one chooses the 5-bottle package, they are give a free shipping service.
  • Two bonus guides on the various different topics that revolve around America’s health. This is America’s Health Crisis… How Nutrient Deficiency Became An Epidemic in the USA and 7 Super Nutrients You’ve Never Heard Of… That Can Change Your Life.

The final bonus is a donation done to military veterans and active duty soldiers by the creator for every deal bought.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

This is a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee. If you don’t like Patriot Vital4 for any reason, simply send it back to the people who made it, and they will refund 100% of your purchase price (minus shipping and handling). This is not a pro-rated guarantee, but one good for life, or so they claim it is.


This is definitely one of the more effective supplements out there. Detailing a lot of the various nutrients that are needed by the body, this is one supplement that can change the very manner in which people handle many of their ailments and health problems. For more information look into their official website, which lists the exact pricing one needs as well as the shipping charge if they do not get the special package.