Rescue Hair 911 Review – (PhytAge Labs) Scam OR Works?

Rescue Hair 911

About Rescue Hair 911

Rescue Hair 911 is based on a dietary supplement that aims to provide users with better hair growth. Through a set of natural ingredients, users will receive a comprehensive and complete look into their hair damage. It is one of the most natural and renowned solutions available in the market nowadays.

The supplement has received the attention of many people who previously suffered from hair loss. Much of this is because of the company behind it. PhytAge Labs is a renowned provider of supplements. Many of their previous supplements like Tinnitus 911 have been a boon for people. This is why their users have been eager to give this hair loss supplement a try.

Much like their past works, this one uses a set of potent addition. The natural blend in this supplement’s formula promises to give user s head full of hair. Not only this, but it also improves the quality of one’s existing. Making it lush and thick, users can ensure that they overcome all hair loss issues. Much of this supplement’s basis is set on a recent scientific finding. Consistent use of this can ensure that:

  • Users attain hair similar to the one they had in their prime
  • They can prevent further hair loss and embolden the length and thickness of existing hair
  • One does not need to feel any kind of shame or embarrassment to their falling hair

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How Does This Supplement Work?

The basic formula of this supplement is the main reason behind its rising success. It is able to provide users with all the many benefits they have wanted to see in their hair. After a lot of testing and analysis, the developers finally felt comfortable unveiling this potent formulation to the public. It is one of the best options currently available for this reason.

A recent scientific discovery helped pave way for this supplement. It highlighted the main reasons behind why it is imperative to try and overcome one’s hair loss issues. This supplement uses this as a foundation to move forward. It works by:

  • Reducing the body’s DHT levels

According to this study, the reason behind why men in particular see an increase in hair loss is due to a hormone called testosterone. This leads to the production of a compound in the body called DHT. The side-effect of DHT is that it results in hair loss. This is why it is imperative to ensure that DHT levels are reduced across the body. Through this, men can remain free from constant hair loss.

  • Moistening of one’s scalp

Scalp nourishment is also said to be a potent way of emboldening one’s hair gain. A dry scalp is among the reasons behind why one can face a lot of hair loss. This is why this supplement uses a set of useful ingredients to ensure that there is ample amount of blood being sent to the scalp. This leads to a growth in the amount of hair follicles that appear on one’s scalp. Thus, it boosts hair growth.

  • Reduction in hair loss and appearance of bald spots

Bald spots can be quite embarrassing. Being quite a frequent occurrence for both men and women, there needs to be an effective treatment for it. This supplement helps users grow fresh new hair follicles which replace bald patches. Through this, one is easily able to see growth in their areas they need it most. As a result, they do not need to worry about their self-confidence taking a hit due to their look.

Rescue Hair 911 – Ingredients List

This supplement includes a set of tried and tested ingredients that are known to provide an abundance of advantages. These include:

Saw Palmetto: Known to provide thicker and richer hair. It is derived from nature and thus the amount of side-effects and other such issues one may face is kept to a minimum.

Pygeum Bark Extract: This natural bark helps to increase the supply of blood that is provided to one’s scalp. It is vital in ensuring proper amount of circulation too.

Reishi Mushroom Extract. This is a kind of mushroom that is needed to ensure that one’s hair receives an ample amount of nutrients. It also allows hair follicles to grow through proper blood circulation.

Plant Sterol Complex: This is a plant-based compound that assists in aiding hair growth. It restores damaged hair and helps it return back to full health.

In addition to these ingredients, this supplement includes Green Leaf Tea, Zinc, Copper and an assortment of vitamins too. This makes the complete solution quite comprehensive.

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Benefits of Using This Supplement

Supplement is available at two prices. The first is $69 for a single bottle. And a $49 price for a 4-bottle package. Thus, users have the option to save a lot if they decide to buy in bulk. The choice is in their hands and they can get the option that meets their needs.

The amount of days it takes for the results of this supplement to become evident is not that much. Some of the users have even pointed out seeing betterment within just a couple of weeks if not less. Individual results may wary.

As far, there have been no major side-effects for using this supplement as reported. This is the case with other supplements by this manufacturer too.

The supplement is accessible and effective for everyone. It doesn’t just work for men – in fact, women can choose to use it too.

Currently, the supplement is only available on their official website. While this may mean, one needs an active internet connection to order it, it also reduces the chance of fraud.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Overall, this is one hair loss option that no one should pass up. Not only does it nourish one’s scalp, but it boosts hair follicle growth. All the while ensuring that existing hair becomes thick and strong. It comes at a cheap cost too, which makes it all the better. For more information, visit their official website.

rescue hair 911


rescue hair 911