Salus Structured Silver Review – Scam Or Legit?


While silver isn’t the go-to cure for a lot of the ailments that exist nowadays, the truth is that it has the potential to be able to provide people from relief from a number of different diseases and difficulties that exist nowadays. It is potentially one of the strongest and most powerful ingredients to add in supplements nowadays, but its undiscovered nature causes people to disregard its ability.

This is incredibly dangerous, as people often end up running after a number of different ways to attain the cure for their issues, and are often left deprived of energy and money, when the answer was right in front of them all along: silver.

However, whenever people talk about silver, the one thing that comes in the minds of many people is argyria. Argyria is undoubtedly something that no one wants to have to deal with, but the fact is that this is only done when someone takes colloidal silver. Meaning, that taking structured silver can actually cure this ailment and provide people with the problem solution they need.


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What is Salus Structured Silver?

Salus Structured Silver is a new take to the idea of using silver-based supplements. It is a method of attaining a healthy and normal amount of silver without having to sacrifice anything from your body. Many silver supplements come at a hefty cost, which makes them a null option for many people.

However, if the silver used in making the supplement is structured, meaning that it is utilized in a proper manner and is designed in a specific way, then the many disadvantages such as argyria that are common simply evaporate. Before we can dive deep into this specific product, we need to deal with just what structured silver is to begin with?

Structured silver is basically a way of taking advantage of new and exciting molecular structures that are suspended in pure water. Through this many of the components of silver that cause it to become dangerous simply disappear.

This means that this supplement is 99% water, 1% silver and no other fillers. Through this, when silver is added in a limited and moderated amount into your body, you are given the freedom to complete run away from the issues that arise usually.

How Does Structured Silver Work?

Structured silver takes away a lot of the issues that are involved in normal silver and makes it overall much safer and healthier for consumption. While normal silver is known for killing pathogens and causing trouble for the body. However, when one uses structured silver through ionization, then the effectiveness is neutralized. The following are the methods used in ensuring that this is done perfectly:

  • Ionization: This is the go-to way to kill pathogens. A single silver ion ionizes pathogens on contact, killing them. However, once the silver ion stops working, it becomes neutral and no more functions as it is supposed to do so.
  • Molecular Structure: This is the second option. The custom molecular structure creates a dielectric charge. This charge then eliminates pathogens and doesn’t become neutralized.
  • Alkalinity: Alkalinity is something that we all understand, we may have even heard of the benefits of having an alkaline-rich diety. However, the structured silver dissolved in an alkaline state unlocks a world of benefits.

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Who Created Salus Structured Silver?

Salus Structured Silver is made by SalusDefense. They are among the most well renowned and respected creators of various different health based supplements nowadays. Their Salus Structured Silver is primarily gaining a lot of traction nowadays because of the many benefits it has managed to achieve.

The creator behind this entire supplement first tried it out personally and only had his family use it. After seeing their amazing results, it came to be known that not only was it completely and dramatically changing their life for the better, but this same formula could be utilized to assist other people who wish to become healthier.

This was then released publically and today it has achieved its great public outreach and support. That said, let us now discuss just how this product will benefit the user who takes it. First of all, the core of a better place of health and wellness is achieved just with a few pills.

Their website mentions that the Salus story is truly one of focus, research, and perseverance. A guy following a dream and growing, not just with one new life, but creating family from country to country. The Salus family now shares in his vision and has grown into a resource for heath, wellness, and safety. “We regard preparation as an essential part of keeping lives healthy and safe,” adds Craig on the strength behind the Salus brand. “You can think ahead, but there is always something you can be better prepared for.”

Benefits of Salus Structured Silver

Salus Structured Silver has easily become one of the most rising ways to attain silver in a normal and healthy capacity nowadays. It has eliminated the dangerous linkages to the old ways of ingesting silver, and has made it completely unique and safe. That said, there are a multitude of different things that one should know before getting this product.

The following are some of the main benefits and features that one can get if they utilize this product and the main courses they should expect upon purchase.

Dedicated Creators: The creators of this supplement are quite dedicated and their website has a list of their guiding and business principles that quite accurately detail the things they value and what they will do to ensure customer satisfaction. While this is something that many people may not show concern for, it should be noted because companies don’t often go out of their way to appease their customers in such a manner.

Reliable and Healthy: Normally, silver-based supplements result in a number of ailments and side effects that make the original benefit pale in comparison. However, this is not the case which has completely managed to change the way we look at silver forever. It is no longer the harmful and dangerous thing we must ingest in our body, but is now completely safe all of a sudden.

Comes in a Variety of Packs: The creators of this supplement realize that different people have different needs, and thus will order different amounts. For this, they created different packs on their website, and one can pick and choose exactly what type they need. In some cases, the beginner packs can be bought to first survey the product and see if it truly fits your needs before moving onto the more expensive options.

Conclusion on Salus Structured Silver

Salus Structured Silver is one of the newest and most intriguing ways to energize your body and provide it with a number of new benefits. While this was not something that was possible in the past, now with recent developments people are unlocking a world of benefits that seemed out of reach before.

So step onto the first train to get this supplement and become one of the gifted people who are lucky enough to attain its strength. For more information check out their official website.