Privacy Policy Privacy Policy shows the utmost respect and care for the privacy of its readers and visitors and ensures that is protected and safeguarded at all times. This online Privacy Policy will explain clearly explain the ways through which the information of our readers is collected and the ways in which it may or may not be used.

What We Collect and How We Use It

Keep in mind that our data collection is very minimal. The very first way in which your data may be collected on is through the use of our web servers in the form of cookies and similar technology.

These allow us to give a personalized experience to you, allowing you to see the things that are most relevant and interesting to you. In no way is any data collected through this method shared with any third parties or companies.

As is required by the law, if there is the case that we store your data for any purpose it must be explicitly stated in the privacy policy. It is imperative and binding upon you the visitor, reader and user of to read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service to understand the use of data and your use of the site


As does not currently offer account creation services, whenever you access or browse through it, you browse anonymously. Any sorts of information or detail about yourself, such as your phone number, email address, name, address and internet protocol is not collected while your browse. cannot be held reliable for any issues with the billing of any products that you may have found out about on the site. These products are owned by their respective owners, and it is not the duty of to ensure their proper arrival, rather it is the duty of the respective owner to do that. merely presents you with a review and article about said products and thus cannot be said to be personally liable for any damage that may be done to you or your property through the use or purchase of any of the products on, or through accessing any website that may be linked on

SSL Certification does not have SSL Certification, however this is only because we simply provide information, articles and reviews about health products, guides and other related merchandise. You will in no part of the website, or at any time be forced to share your personal name, or any other private information such as phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, or internet protocols. On our articles you have the ability to write comments that must be accompanied with a name to identify one comment from another. However, this in no way is an invasion of privacy, and you are free to choose an alias if you wish to do so.

In essence, as the readers of are in no way required to create accounts, and neither is there account creation available at the moment on the site, the private information of any user cannot be taken without their consent and stored for any further use. What little information may be taken is only through the use of cookies that allow you to have a much more personalized experience and is for your own benefit. Cookies can however still be blocked off from certain applications and web browsers like Internet Explorer. values and respects the privacy of its readers, and thus ensures that it is protected at all times. With the steps that we have taken, we provide you with the utmost safety in every regard. At you are guaranteed that you can remain anonymous for as long as you wish.

Changes to Privacy Policy holds the right to amend the Privacy Policy or change it at any time. We are under no responsibility to inform you of any changes done, it is your own duty to check the Privacy Policy from time to time and inform yourself of any changes that may have been made.

Third Party Links and Websites articles may provide links to third party websites that own the product that the article is discussing. These websites are not owned by neither are they in any sort of agreement nor dealing with simply writes articles, and adds information about the products.
Any damage done to you or your properties in any way, upon accessing the websites that have been linked in’s articles, is the responsibility of the owner of the website alone and has nothing to do with advises all of its users to carefully assess each website to ensure that their information may is being respected and they are not in any form of danger.

Contacting Us can be contacted though, their email address, [email protected] for further information on this topic and to eliminate any queries about your privacy policy or any other issue regarding the terms of service. Keep in mind that is under no obligation to reply you immediately or even after an elongated time.

It shall give you a suitable reply when sees fit. That said, you are still encouraged to try and contact in the hopes of removing any doubts and issues that you may have with any particular element of the site.

Keep in mind though that is not responsible for the actions of the products or their respective owners that are mentioned on the site. We merely provide our readers with information, and cannot be said to be liable for the actions of the owners of any other website or product.