Herpes Blitz Protocol Review – Is It A Scam By Josh Parker?

herpes blitz protocol

One of the most stress inducing ailments of modern times is herpes. Not only is it something that is seen as an embarrassment by many people but the cures that we supposedly have for it nowadays are simply too pathetic.

This is why a good number of people who suffer from this ailment spend a good portion of their life in silent agony unable to change their life for the better in any meaningful way.

However this is also in part due to the general public’s ignorance on the matter. Not only do many people have no idea on how it can actually be treated but many people simply do not know that it can actually be done to not only prevent but completely eliminate herpes from one’s body. While this might sound like fiction or a fairytale to some, this is in fact true, and can be done through a series of steps.

This is expanded upon in a guide known as Herpes Blitz Protocol a leading guide on the subject, which has managed to change the lives of hundreds of people who have used it already.

herpes blitz protocol

What Is Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Herpez Blitz Protocol is a leading new guide that has managed to change the way people observe and understand the ailment of herpes. While in the past, it was thought to be among the least curable ailments of our time, it has recently been found out to be easily cured through a series of careful steps.

These steps are designed and told in a very sophisticated manner in this guide. Thus, this guide aims to be the ultimate solution for people who have suffered herpes and wish to finally get a way out of this ailment without needing to live in fear and hide away from the world.

Unlike other methods of curing herpes that have a person completely instilled in fear and chaos from the first step to the last, this is one methodology that doesn’t result in any form of anger self-hatred and resentment and is thus becoming one of the most sought out ways to remove herpes from one’s body once and for all. This review will explain how it functions, some basic benefits and a conclusion.

How Does Herpes Blitz Protocol Work?

Herpes Blitz Protocol is primarily based upon a new research that has been done by the scientists at The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. They met up with a special forces soldier in a sleepy fishing village on the edge of the Moroccan desert. What they discovered was that it is possible for a person to activate a switch in their body that is able to eliminate this issue from within without the use of any excessive external materials.

This remedy can be created right at one’s own home in a matter of minutes, however its effectiveness and power should not be undermined or underestimated. It is able to completely restructure your DNA and provide you the ability to prevent it from remaking itself and replicating more of the same herpes cells. This way, the virus is eliminated from one’s system and they are finally able to live in peace, away from this horrifying and disgusting disease.


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What Can This Guide Protect You From?

People who suffer from herpes will know exactly the type of stress inducing difficulties an outbreak of it can result into. Aside from the sheer embarrassment that one has to face, they also undergo a lot of frustration in their daily life, as they are unable to even touch something without them cringing a bit in disgust.

Living life like this is something that no one wants and rightfully, this guide will give you the user a certain few advantages that will protect them from a lot of the issues that herpes usually causes. Some of the benefits that you can attain are:

  • Elimination of painful blisters and other pain-causing sores on your body
  • Freedom from the constant barrage of shame, embarrassment and humiliation
  • Being free of worrying whether or not you’ll have to deal with a new outbreak any time soon or even ever again
  • Not having to keep it a secret and fearing that you’re some sort of monster that needs to be kept hidden from the world.

What Ingredients Does this Guide Use?

Herpes Blitz Protocol uses a certain set of ingredients that allow it to become one of the most well-researched products out there in the market. One thing to note about this product is that while some of the ingredients in this list might appear is quite common, it is more about their mixture and how they are mixed and blended together that brings about its benefits instead of just the raw power.

That said, anyone who has spent sometime in supplements and looked into how they work will probably be familiar with some of these ingredients as they are staple inclusions all around the industry.

Curcumin: A recent study has been published in the medical journal Virology, which has managed to locate that curcumin prevents the replication of the herpes virus by “inhibiting the activity of its viral protein and preventing genes from promoting the virus’ replication and ability to infect.”

Quercetin: An innumerable amount of researches have taken place around this ingredient. This is because it has a number of benefits that people have been wanting to uncover. Now that many of these researches and studies are returning with answers, it seems that it is actually a very good way to stop the replication of herpes.

Resveratro: This is a kind of grape that is also used to make red wine in Morocco. A study carried out at the Indian Council of Medical Research reported that resveratrol was able to prevent replication of HSV-1 and HSV-2 by “blocking activation of the inflammatory transcription factor protein”.


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Benefits of Using Herpes Blitz Protocol

This guide provides the user a number of benefits which would be unattainable without it. Some of these include:

  • Proper Phase Based System

Divided into 2 very distinct phases, this guide ensures that the proper management of your herpes elimination is secured. It starts with phase number one, that is a search phase. This consists of a 7 day smoothie protocol, all of which work together to ensure that LSD-1 protein is blocked and the replication process is halted.

The next phase is the destroy phase, in which 21 days will be consumed. In this the body’s full potential is used to completely make it immune to the virus and start the full treatment.

  • Comes with Bonuses

The bonus systems and guides provided within this product make it a must-have. The first bonus is:

The Immune Protection Protocol. This is designed to completely and successfully treat the immune system so that it is able to naturally protect you from the threat of herpes. With an easy to follow 14 day Action plan, this is one of the most effective side-products you can ever hope to get with your main product. It has a list of delicious recipes to try out.

Sex Drive Stimulator. This second bonus is aimed towards providing you with a strong sex drive after your herpes is cured. You will definitely be full of confidence after herpes is gone and this is one way to ensure that that confidence does not go to waste.

  • Cheap Price

For just $27, with all these bonuses included, this product is quite affordable and everyone should give it a try.

Conclusion on Herpes Blitz Protocol

With how many benefits you receive, saying that this product is anything less than spectacular would be an understatement. Properly researched, affordable and simple to follow, this guide is one that will become the industry standard for the curing of herpes quite soon. Check out their official website for more details

herpes blitz protocol